Fredonia Hockey is famous

Two days ago a Fredonia Hockey locker room celebration posted to social media went viral. First it was picked up by Barstool Sports, then NBC,  then ESPN. Fredonia Hockey became famous, and we all had fun watching the world react to the video.

Being famous is nice, but being famous for longer than 15 minutes is rare and hardly worth pursuing. It’s much more important to be famous to the family.

In my strength and conditioning family, Mike Boyle, Andrea Hudy, and Frans Bosch are famous, but you’ve never heard of of them. In my reading and podcast-listening family, Seth Godin, Sam Harris, Krista Tippett, and Robert Sapolsky are famous. You’ve never heard of them either.

I’m famous to about 200 athletes at Fredonia: they read my blog regularly and tell me which posts they like. That’s way more important than if every resident of California happened to read one of my blog posts. My 15 minutes of fame would come and go quickly.

Be famous to the family by answering this question: Who do I seek to serve? Then serve those people relentlessly.

[Fredonia Hockey is on a two-game SUNYAC winning streak after dropping Cortland last night. Tonight they take on the ninth-ranked team in the country, Oswego. Good luck boys–Whoooooooo!]

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