What will you do once there are no more job interviews?

If a college coach wants to have a successful team she needs to recruit talented players. She will frequently leave her office to find them, sometimes several years in advance.

It would be absurd if she held interviews for open positions on her team. The information gleaned from an interview would tell her almost nothing about what sort of player she’s getting.

The most innovative organizations stopped doing job interviews a long time ago. They stopped using ads, they stopped looking at resumes, and they started recruiting instead. Soon, every organization will follow suit, and “interviewing skills” will be a thing of the past.

All that will be left are “skills.”

Writing, speaking, and listening skills.
Computer, persuasive, and learning skills.
Teamwork, empathy, and love are also skills.

Spend more time practicing your skills than you do looking for a job. Employers may very well find your skills before you find an employer.

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