Getting your team to drink less

“What I found in my dissertation was that if the leaders of a team tend to drink more alcohol, then the whole team tended to drink more. If the leaders tended to not drink, the whole team tended to not drink. The interesting thing that I found was if a team has an alcohol policy beyond what the college already has, the team wouldn’t adhere to those rules unless it was decided by the team. It didn’t matter how many times a coach tried to implement an alcohol policy, there were still violators. But when the team said it, the team would do it.” ~ Dr. Amber Warners, three-time national champion as Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Calvin College

I think it works the same way with maintaining a high GPA, personal fitness, or any other quality you’re looking for a team to display.

If the leaders do it well, everyone else tends to do it well too.

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