Alcohol poisoning

There are three kinds of alcohol poisoning.

The first, and most obvious, is literal alcohol poisoning. A college freshman consumes way too much alcohol and has to spend a night in the hospital. This wake-up call is usually enough for the young person to become a responsible consumer for a lifetime.

The second form of alcohol poisoning is alcoholism. This much more serious form can traumatize children, destroy families, and inflict wounds for generations. It’s also way beyond the scope of a blog post.

The third form of alcohol poisoning is by far the most frequent. It’s the kind that’s avoiding the alarm on Monday morning. It’s the kind that convinces you that ‘fun’ is of supreme importance. It’s the kind that runs from loneliness — the kind that doesn’t want to feel anything at all. The third form of alcohol poisoning is a metaphor: alcohol may or may not actually be involved.

Most of us struggle with the third kind.

[This blog post is a wonderful example of what I’m talking about.]

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