The difference between men and women, as demonstrated by chicken wings

Fredonia’s chef did a cooking demonstration for two of our women’s sports teams during preseason this year. He made chicken wings, but instead of frying them he baked them, resulting in a more nutritious meal.

You’d think the best part of the demonstration would be eating the chicken wings, but that’s questionable, because only half of the female athletes ate even one wing. “I’m already full,” was a common reason for not eating.

I felt bad because three quarters of the chicken wings the chef had prepared were left uneaten. Then I noticed there was a men’s team in the dining hall, so I told them there was a pile of chicken wings available, free for the taking.

As you might guess, a swarm of male athletes devoured the chicken wings. They were gone within a few minutes.

A few days ago I had a conversation with a faculty member at our New Student-athlete Picnic. She lamented the fact that so many females are scared to eat in public. They don’t want to be seen eating too much.

It’s similar to the conversation I had with an exercise science professor a few months ago. In a study he conducted he noticed that females were more likely to lose muscle mass throughout a sports season because they’re scared to eat enough food to replenish the lost energy.

I’m not sure what the solution is, but I am sure that the first step is being aware of the fear.

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