Why is this coach holding a dog in his head shot?


This is Russ Bertram, the diving coach at Denison University. In four years he’s already built Denison into one of the top collegiate diving programs in the country.

Why is he holding a dog in his head shot? I’m not sure. I don’t know Russ.

But wow, have you every seen a head shot like this before? I haven’t. Not in any professional field, ever. It’s usually a forgettable head shot and list of accomplishments.

Again, I don’t know Russ, which makes what I’m about to say pure conjecture, but I’m guessing he brings this sense of creativity to everything he does. Twenty years of coaching experience helps, as does five United States national diving championships. But deep creativity? That might be even harder to come by.

Creativity is a skill.

Start with this book.

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