Your real problem with money

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about investing money for retirement. It got a big response from people in their twenties. If investing is foreign to you, I highly recommend reading that first, and clicking the link at the bottom (4 best ways to invest in your 20’s). It will be the smartest thing you do this week.

This post is about why we want to make a lot of money in the first place. Very likely, it’s security. The more money we have, the greater our sense of security, real or imagined.

And we don’t want to give that money (security) away. I’m reminded of Jon Kabat Zinn’s thoughts on generosity:

“Notic(e) the resistance to the impulse to give, the worries about the future, the feeling that you may be giving too much, or the thought that it won’t be appreciated ‘enough,’ or that you will be exhausted from the effort, or that you won’t get anything out of it, or that you don’t have enough yourself. Consider the possibility that none of these are actually true, but that they are just forms of inertia, constriction, and fear-based self-protection.”

It’s fear. That’s all it is.

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