Why my phone’s screen is gray


First, a helpful idea from the Seattle Seahawks’s sport psychologist, Michael Gervais:

“The challenge that we’re having from smartphones … (is) the external stimulus for our attention. It’s deconditioning us away from being present. That’s a real problem for the next generation. It really is. We know that flow state, the most optimal state a human can be in, is followed by focus. Not just any kind of focus, but deep focus. Think about the gravity of that for a moment — if we’re detraining ourselves by multitasking, and not training deep focus, we’re decreasing our frequency of dropping into flow state, the most optimal state a human can be in. We’ve got problems … there’s challenges coming around the corner for us.”

It turns out that simply turning your phone on grayscale mode makes it less addicting.

For more on why to do this, and how, go here.

For a 2-minute video that might make your day, go here.

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