An app that doesn’t waste my time

If I had to describe my smartphone succinctly, I’d call it convenient, but mostly a waste of time. But one app that doesn’t waste time is Google Play (Podcasts app on iPhones).

It’s where I listen to podcasts. Here are my favorite episodes from the last few months:

On Being with Krista TippettHow Trauma Lodges in the Body, with Bessel Van Der Kolk (Mar. 9)

The Waking Up Podcast — What Should We Eat, with Gary Taubes (May 6)

TED Radio HourDisruptive Leadership (Jun. 2)

On Being with Krista TippettLiving in Deep Time, with Richard Rohr (Apr. 13)

The Tim Ferriss ShowLiving Beautifully on $25-27K Per Year, with Mr. Money Mustache (Feb. 13)

And daily news podcasts Up First from NPR, and The Daily from The New York Times.

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