Working in the fitness center is easy

Is it really?

Be on time. Wear proper attire. Look at people when they walk in the door. No laptops. Certainly no headphones. Do your share of the work. It’s all easy, and it’s all basic.

And you’d be surprised at the number of students who haven’t been taught how to do the basics well, or do them consistently.

I worked at a health food store for a year after I graduated from college. Every night before we closed, an older co-worker would mop the floor with great vigor. He wouldn’t miss an inch, and he seemed to enjoy it. I asked why he spent so much time mopping every night. Nobody would even notice if he didn’t do it.

He told me that if he didn’t mop the floor well, he’d stop doing other things well, too. He might not mow his lawn as well, or pay his taxes on time. He might not treat his wife well, or raise his daughter well. Better to make it a habit of doing everything well.

So I started mopping the floor like he did.

Turns out that mopping floors is a transferable skill.

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