People won’t come to your game if it’s raining

They won’t come if there’s even rain in the forecast. Nobody wants to get wet, and nobody wants to be cold. Nobody wants to be uncomfortable, and nobody wants to be unhappy.

But to a certain degree, rain and cold don’t make people unhappy. People make themselves unhappy.

Consider this idea from chess prodigy and author Josh Waitzkin:

“One of the biggest mistakes that I observed in the first year of (my son) Jack’s life was parents who have unproductive language around weather being good or bad. Whenever it was raining, you’d hear moms, babysitters, dads say, ‘It’s bad weather. We can’t go out,’ or if it wasn’t, ‘It’s good weather. We can go out.’ That means that, somehow, we’re externally reliant on conditions being perfect in order to be able to go out and have a good time. So, Jack and I never missed a single storm, rain or snow, to go outside and romp in it. Maybe we missed one when he was sick. We’ve developed this language around how beautiful it is. Now, whenever it’s a rainy day, Jack says, ‘Look, Dada, it’s such a beautiful rainy day,’ and we go out and we play in it. I wanted him to have this internal locus of control — to not be reliant on external conditions being just so.”

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