Girls can’t do pull-ups

Of course, that sentence becomes false if just one female in the world can do pull-ups. I had several in my gym today who could.

So if the idea that girls can’t do pull-ups is false, it’s nothing more than an idea. The idea is the tricky part.

Canadian strength coach Charles Poliquin commonly says that a good strength coach should get a female, no matter what her body fat is, to be able to do 12 chin-ups in 12 weeks (palms face backwards in a chin-up — forward in a pull-up. We more often train the chin-up). The statement seems a little over the top, but it gets to the heart of the matter quickly.

Last week a female swimmer couldn’t do any chin-ups when we tested. This week she still couldn’t do any, but when I asked her about it she said, “Last week I could only do half a chin-up, this week I can do three-quarters.”

She has the most difficult part covered — the idea.

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