Do you (need to) love your job?

I get the question every so often from students: “Do you love your job?”

To anyone who watches, it’s obvious I love my job. Coaches don’t often become coaches unless they do. But look closely, and you realize the student isn’t really asking me if I love my job. She’s looking for confirmation that, indeed, in order to be happy in this world one must love one’s job.

And that’s just not true.

If pressed, I would have to admit that I’ve had jobs that I didn’t love — some still made me happy, and some didn’t. And if pressed, I would have to admit that I’ve taken jobs I was certain I wouldn’t love, but that I ended up loving.

You just don’t know that much about yourself in your twenties to say with any certainty what you’ll love. Better to try lots of things than to put unnecessary pressure on yourself.

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