Online you vs. Real you

I have no idea how good my mechanic is at his job. I take my car to him because I like him, he treats me well, and I’ve never felt ripped off going to him. But no, I don’t go back into his shop and watch him work on my car.

A lot of people trust that I’m good at my job too, even though they’ve never seen me coach. They might only read this blog, or they may have heard from someone else that I do good work. But most people who trust me don’t watch me coach.

Humans frequently make decisions based only on trust. We have no other choice. It’s a lot easier for me to trust my mechanic than it is to figure out how a car engine works.

More than ever, that trust (or lack of trust) is initiated online.

To a stranger, even an acquaintance, real you takes a back seat to online you.

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