Interviewing for your first job

You could interview for a job traditionally. Send a resume, wait for a phone call, spend an hour talking about your qualifications, and wait for a second phone call. Sometimes it will work.

A second way is fundamentally different: forget that it’s an interview altogether.

Last week, Adam Robinson, co-founder of the Princeton Review, was interviewed on The Tim Ferriss Show about the most important things he learned in 2016. First on Robinson’s list: show up to each human interaction with a focus on the other person:

“I learned the importance of fun, enthusiasm and delight in everything you do. Absolutely everything. 


And when I say fun, delight, and enthusiasm, it’s to create fun, delight, and enthusiasm for the other person. If you’re going to a meeting with a venture capitalist because you’re looking for funding for your start-up, or you’re going on a date, or you’re going on a job interview, forget the fact that it’s an interview. You’re going to delight the other person. That’s what you’re there for, first and foremost. If that’s your focus, as opposed to getting the job or getting the funding, then you get magic and miracles. What it does is it gives you infinite power because you want nothing, and you’re offering everything.”

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