A (very) short nutrition guide for athletes at Fredonia

Go to El Diablo Azul. It’s the shortest, most concrete advice I can give.

The Mexican grill in the basement of the Williams Center is a lot like Chipotle, mainly serving burritos and rice bowls. The ingredients — meats, beans, vegetables, rice, salsa, guacamole — are all prepared fresh on campus every day.

It’s not perfect. Some diet plans want you to avoid white starchy carbohydrates like rice, including the cookies and sodas at the end of the line (skip those almost every time). But all-in-all, El Diablo Azul is the cleanest eating I’ve found on campus. If I forgot to bring my lunch, that’s where I go.

If nothing else, you can take pride in the name El Diablo Azul. It’s Spanish for Blue Devil.

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