On taking selfies

When asked what advice she’d give to someone starting a blog, Maria Popova, the prolific writer and creator of Brain Pickings, said this:

“Write for yourself. If you want to create something meaningful and fulfilling, something that lasts and speaks to people, the counterintuitive but really, really necessary thing is that you must not write for people. The second you begin to write for a so-called audience — and this applies equally to podcasting, film making, photography, dance, and any field of creative endeavor –the second you start doing it for an audience you’ve lost the long game.  Because creating something that is rewarding and sustainable over the long run requires, most of all, keeping yourself excited about it, which requires, in turn, doing things that only you yourself are interested in. I think the key to being interesting is being interested, and enthusiastic about those interests. That’s contagious. That’s what makes people read you and come back.”

Are selfies meant for an audience? Or are they meant to be personally fulfilling?

The reward is the work itself, not the accumulated likes, retweets, and comments.

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