Where to turn to for fitness advice


“Arthur Jones, founder of Nautilus, when asked how to gain muscular mass quickly, recommended the following (I paraphrase): Approach the biggest bodybuilder at your gym, ideally a ripped 250-300-lb professional, and politely ask him for detailed advice. Then do precisely the opposite. If the T-Rex-size meathead recommends 10 sets, do one set; if he recommends post-workout protein, consume pre-workout protein, etc. Jones’s tongue-in-cheek parable was used to highlight one of the dangers of hero worship: The top 1% often succeed despite how they train, not because of it. Superior genetics, or a luxurious full-time schedule, make up for a lot.” ~ Tim Ferris, The Four Hour Chef


I’ve been remarkably impressed with Tim Ferris’s work lately.

I’m a late adopter to Ferris because I thought the title of his first book, The Four-Hour Work Week, was so inauthentic. Then I started listening to his podcast and I must say, I’ve never come across someone who can take complex topics and seamlessly distill them for the general population. I mostly find myself nodding in agreement with what he has to say.

Ferris has four books, a podcast, and a blog. The expanse of his work is overwhelming at first, but it’s a treasure trove for those willing to dig through it.

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