Is soreness good or bad?

“Any athlete knows that certain kinds of pain can be exquisitely pleasurable. The burn of lifting weights, for instance, would be excruciating if it were a symptom of terminal illness. But because it is associated with health and fitness, most people find it enjoyable. Here we see that cognition and emotion are not separate. The way we think about experience can completely determine how we feel about it.” ~ Sam Harris

Soreness is a feeling created by the brain. That sentence is worth re-reading several times.

The feeling of soreness, like the feeling of pain, goes from brain to muscle, and not the other way around. Soreness doesn’t necessarily indicate the readiness of a muscle to perform a task.

An athlete can feel sore and think he’s debilitated by it, believing he needs to do less. Another athlete can feel the same soreness and think he’s not prepared, and that he needs to do more.

Soreness isn’t good or bad, it just is. An athlete’s reaction to soreness is where all the pertinent information comes from.

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