Your final exam grades matter, and yet they don’t

I have a strength and conditioning intern in mind for next semester, an exercise science undergraduate. She’s taking introductory physics right now, and like most students, she’s not having an easy time with it.

Of course, you can’t understand athlete preparation without understanding biomechanics, and you can’t understand biomechanics without understanding basic physics. She can’t see it right now, but her physics professor is laying the groundwork for her to understand athlete preparation.

That doesn’t make physics any easier for her, or any more enjoyable. So to prepare for her final exam this week, she’s hired a private physics tutor for $15 an hour.

It doesn’t matter to me what she gets on her final exam, because I can teach her what she needs to know about physics for this internship. I can’t teach her to hire a private tutor for $15 an hour.

That sort of motivation is rare.

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