You don’t even want to get better

Coaches recruit tirelessly to find athletes motivated to get better. Of course the talent needs to be there, but since it’s nearly impossible for a coach to instill self-motivation, it’s better to recruit for it in the first place.

The same idea applies as we move up the chain of command.

Your boss is probably sitting on a pool of money right now, maybe thousands of dollars, reserved for your professional improvement. She knows you won’t ask to use that money, and she knows there’s no point in trying to motivate you to to want to use it. You either want to, or you don’t.

Add to that all the freely available knowledge we have today on the devices sitting in our pockets. That knowledge would have made you powerful beyond measure in earlier ages. Kings would have bowed before you.

But all you can think to do is binge watch Netflix? Com’on.

With information now abundant, motivation is the new scarce resource. Hire for that.

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