No, college wasn’t a scam.


Commencement Photo 2.jpg
2016 graduate and former cheerleader, Julianne Foster (photo by Roger Coda)

But it does depend what you mean when you say, “scam.”

If you mean that you accumulated an unmanageable amount of debt, or that you had to drop out due to the cost, then you’re probably onto something. In a just democracy, nobody should wonder if they can afford a college education.

But if by “scam,” you mean that you didn’t immediately find a cushy job after college, then you misunderstand what college was for in the first place, because it certainly wasn’t a job placement program. With no more hoops to jump through, you need to (get to) figure out the path to adulthood for yourself. That’s not a scam — that’s life.

Try, fail, learn, try again.

(Note — on November 30th at 2 p.m. in Rosch Recital Hall, Fredonia will have a campus-wide discussion on how we’re keeping college affordable with author Sara Goldrick-Rab.)

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